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You have locked the door to your apartment and need a professional locksmith from Aachen who can open the door for you at a reasonable price. We are happy to be there for you and help you without a long wait. We also open doors if the key is stuck inside, the key has broken off or has been lost.

  • ➔ The apartment door is closed
  • ➔ The key is in the lock on the inside
  • ➔ The key has been lost
  • ➔ The key is broken, a part is in the cylinder
  • ➔ The door lock is broken

apartment door opened
© door opened by our specialist

Locksmith near me: short waiting time favorable price

The locksmith 52074 Aachen nearby with good service. We offer good unlocking service so that you are satisfied. Give us a call, the waiting time is short, the work is done professionally, all at a good price.

The door lock or the multi-point lock cannot be opened

The door lock is broken or the multi-point lock mechanism can no longer be opened, a specialist must help. This type of door opening is almost impossible for a layperson. We are specialized in complicated, defective locks.

multi-point lock
Multi-point lock

Key lost - locksmith Aachen helps directly

If you have lost the key, do not wait too long to replace the cylinder so that no stranger can use the key and break into your home. Call us and we will replace the lock cylinder immediately so that you are safe again.

new door cylinder
new door cylinder

The bicycle lock cannot be opened

If your bike lock is broken and you can no longer open it with the key, we will open the lock for you so that you can start cycling again soon. Are you a student? Tell us and you will get a discount.

broken bicycle locks
bicycle locks

Lock the door from the inside without a key

Do you want to open and lock your door from the inside without always having to look for the key? Then a knob cylinder is the right choice. Practical: a knob cylinder has an integrated emergency function. You can open and close it from the outside at any time with the right key.

knob cylinder
knob cylinder

Install and adjust door closers

A door closer is ideal for automatically closing a door. The closers installed by our experts are thermostable and work at any outside temperature. We check the function and make the adjustments so that the door closes properly again.

door closer
door closer